Stainless Steel vs. Aluminium Pressure Cooker

Nowadays, we can observe the fact that pressure cookers are setting a new trend in the modern kitchen because of their knack to cook foods quickly. The pressure cooker makes use of steam to cook food items. Pressure cookers can be sealed, which makes them best for cooking because minerals, vitamins as well as flavours are not gone during the cooking procedure. While checking out various pressure cookers in the marketplace, the key choice is whether to purchase a steel or an aluminium pressure cooker.

stainless steel vs aluminium pressure cooker

Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker


  • Heavy material: It happens to be thick, and also it is likely to outlive its aluminum replacement part by years. Whenever it is used frequently, it doesn’t get any substantial damages on or after the heat as well as repeated cleaning. Easy cleaning: Just as the term signifies, stainless steel is quick and easy to clean because it doesn’t get stains, rust, and scratches that easily.
  • Scratch, corrosion, and stain-resistant– Even if it is accidentally put to use of a sharper ladle, irregular cleaning cloth, rough cleaning solution, or perhaps any acidic ingredient, it will remain strong as well as undamaged for the longest time.
  • Less vulnerable to making food burns: Because the substance doesn’t give out heat easily, it happens to be less likely to burn food items even if they are accidentally forgotten. This is absolutely the best kitchenware recommended for individuals who are even now on their path to become skilled at cooking.
  • Long life of New finish-With appropriate care, one is guaranteed to see his/her face on the shiny steel surface even after years of its first use.

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  • Very expensive: As one can anticipate from a substance that is indeed longer-lasting, the price happens to be naturally higher. However, the additional price is worth every cent because of the advantages that come with it.
  • ​Heavier built: Even though heavier build signifies that it is a much more durable substance, the weight can be a big issue for individuals, particularly when they have to take the whole pressure cooker off the stove.
  • Lower efficiency as a heat conductor: The distribution of heat in the pressure cooker doesn’t spread just as fast as it does with aluminum material. You should place the temperature on high to acquire the heat that you require in the shortest period possible.
  • Higher retention of heat: There is no issue with it for as much as you continuously pay attention when cooking. Longer heat retention signifies the fact that food will be overcooked whenever it isn’t taken off the pressure cooker after it is done.

Aluminium Pressure Cooker


  • Inexpensive: In many cases, the price happens to decide the winner between stainless steel and aluminum pressure cooker. This is indeed the best option in the event when you wish to make ideal use of pressure cooking but on a low budget.
  • Light to carry: Diminutive moms will certainly discover this lightweight substance suitable for relocating from one place to another and during cleaning.
  • Efficient heat conductor– Aluminum, being a high heat conductor when it comes to metals, the food placed within cooks quickly. There is an even heat distribution and cooking from all sides.
  • Perfect for cooking in large volume– The majority of pressure cookers are of the industrial type, particularly those that are made use for canning, and are made of aluminum. This is particularly for its heat distribution, efficiency, and light weightiness.

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  • Life is short– Aluminum is thin in material, so the material life is also not long. Therefore, it is damage-prone when it is made to use properly and cleaned properly. Do not make use of sharp objects.
  • Warps conveniently– Being thin, it warps easily. It can pose a problem with heavier food carried within.
    Prone to rust, scratch, and stain- It gets damaged with regular use and cleaning.
  • Prone to food burn-Since it cooks quickly, the food may tend to get food burn, particularly because of the sticking of food to the bottom.

So, which of the two-Steel pressure cookers or aluminium pressure cookers wins the battle? If we see other aspects such as cost, durability, Maintenance, Functionality, Output, and safety, a Stainless-Steel pressure cooker is a clear winner as it is more reliable and worth the money.