Stainless Steel vs Hard-Anodized vs Aluminium Cooker

A pressure cooker is a boon for a homemaker for quick cooking and making lives easy. There are many types of pressure cookers these days.

Each of them has its uniqueness, pros, and cons. The primary types of pressure cookers are stainless steel, hard anodized, and aluminium pressure cookers.

When there are different types of pressure cookers while choosing, it is essential to get the best and most out of the pressure cooker.

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Hard-Anodized Pressure Cooker

hard anodized pressure cooker

A pressure cooker of hard-anodized type of the contemporary advancement of technology. This presents a good distribution of heat and good Durability. These are a lot convenient to clean by.

A light piece other than cookware around has been on trend for some time, which is hard anodized.

This is made by enhancing the thickness of the layers of the aluminium alloy’s natural oxide. It particularly provides scratch and abrasion resistance.

Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

Stainless Steel Pressure cooker

These are the most preferred, warm sheen, trendy, bright, and used ones in regular households. They are very durable, tough, and non-reactive to any food. They are convenient to clean and are considered a good choice of pressure cooker material. However, stainless steel is a bad conductor of heat; therefore, a copper or aluminium layer is provided at the pot’s bottom.

Aluminum Pressure Cooker

aluminium pressure cooker

A pressure cooker made of aluminium material is a thing that is never left off the kitchen cooking. These are conventional pressure cookers that have been used again and again. However, it gets easily damaged on frequently used, and when used with metal-based and hard materials, it impacts easily. They react with acidic and salty foods. This is the fundamental reason why hard anodized pressure cookers have made their way into households.

Comparison parameters of Pressure cookers

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Hard anodized is particularly the most durable of all the pressure cookers when you go for a purchase. This is because there is an additional anodized layer coating. This offers a lot more Durability and sturdy stuffing as compared to other types of pressure cookers. However, the coating tends to wear down as you keep using, but this takes a lot of time. This type of pressure cooker is corrosion and rust-free.

Hard-Anodized pressure cookers win in Durability.

Conduction of Heat

Concerning heat conduction, Aluminum is regarded as the best of all the other materials. It usually takes less time to cook food when compared to other pressure cookers. It also distributes heat evenly. Stainless steel cannot provide even distribution of heat, and this is where it lags behind Aluminum and hard anodized pressure cookers. Since the aluminium-based alloy is used in the coating of hard anodized pressure cookers, the heat distribution is even, and food cooks fast.

Aluminium and Hard Anodized pressure cookers win in Heat conductivity.

Maintenance aspect

Hard anodized requires special cleaning care as the coating layers can get harmed if appropriately not cleaned. It is not dishwasher safe and avoids using metal scrubbers. While stainless steel and Aluminum can be cleaned in a dishwasher and with a steel scrubber. Stainless steel is the best in this aspect.

Stainless steel pressure cookers win in maintenance.
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Nonstick coating

Hard anodized pressure cookers have a nonstick coating that permits easy repulsion of food without any sticking. While Aluminum and stainless steel do not have a nonstick coating and can get food burnt and stuck in case of overcooking.

A hard-anodized pressure cooker wins in having a nonstick coating.


Concerning Price, there is a wide price range available within pressure cookers of all types. The Price varies on the nickel amount added to the cookware. The Price is better with better quality. Though expensive, it is recommended to purchase the best quality to get optimum performance and long life. Stainless steel pressure cookers are usually higher priced. Hard anodized pressure cookers are in a modest price range. Aluminium is the cheapest of the three.

Stainless steel pressure cookers win the Price.

Bottom line

The 3 types of pressure cookers are identical in several factors and offer wide functionality to their users.

It might be based on the need and the affordability that gets to decide which one to go for ultimately.

The above comparisons and points are provided to give a better overview of the 3 types and to suit yourself the appropriate one for your needs.