types of pressure cookers are available in India and which one should I buy?

A pressure cooker is the most common and most needed appliance in the Indian kitchen. It enhances the water pressure within the cooking pot to enhance the cooking temperature. It quickens the process of cooking. This is possible by perfect utensil sealing, making sure of high efficiency.

Pressure cooker types available in India

One can categorize pressure cooked based on various aspects like material, size, and mode of cooking.

Based on the mode of cooking– There are 2 fundamental categories in this, an electric pressure cooker that uses electricity to cook food, also known as rice cookers and stovetop pressure cookers that use LPG and are the common ones in Indian kitchens.

Other aspects of categorization are done below, keeping stovetop pressure cookers in mind as they are the most commonly used in Indian kitchens.

Based on the type of material – A pressure cooker is available in 3 primarily materials-stainless steel, aluminum, and hard anodized aluminum.

Let’s take a look at each of them:

Aluminum– Made of aluminum totally, least pricey of three but lacks induction cooker friendly and durability. It is said that there are long term harmful effects of aluminum on health like neurological disorders, Parkinsonism, breast cancer, and Alzheimer’s. (Buy Aluminium Pressure Cooker here)

Stainless Steel– Made of stainless steel, induction friendly, very durable, and expensive. Since stainless steel is not such a good heat conductor and so it is sandwiched on an aluminum base or copper. These are heavier and so need a sturdy handle. (Buy Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker here)

Hard-Anodized– These are a grayish-black and good alternative to aluminum. They are hard and have a non-reactive surface. It is less sticky, simple to clean, and non-toxic. Some are induction friendly as well. It needs replacement when it begins to peel off. It is expensive than a stainless-steel pressure cooker. (Buy Hard-Anodized Pressure Cooker here)

It is suggested to purchase stainless steel among all the 3 types.

types of pressure cooker

Based on size

Domestic pressure cookers are available from 1-11 liters. For a small family of 2-3 members, different sized pressure cookers are used for different guests and uses. A size of 2-5 liters may be required on an everyday basis. For guests, 7 liters may be needed. 3-5 members family shall need 3-6 liters, and 4-7 members shall need 4-8-liter capacity with 8 and 10 liters for guests.

Which pressure cooker to purchase?

Indians have used a pressure cooker for the longest time, so very little guidance is needed in this aspect. Size and material are 2 primary things to consider, which we have discussed already.

The other aspects are:

Durability-Pressure cookers are not purchased often. So when we purchase a pressure cooker, we look for long term usage and life. This is why durability is a very important aspect. Stainless steel and hard anodized are very durable. They are built from materials that are corrosion resistant and don’t lose their shine quickly.

Heath aspect– Acidic cooking and salt is common in Indian cooking. The pressure cooker, hence, should sustain this type of cooking. So, select a material and manufacture that is not reactive to acids. Anodized and stainless steel is very good as compared to Aluminum ones.

Induction stove compatibility-Induction stoves have made their way to Indian kitchens. Select a pressure cooker that is compatible with it and as well as LPG gas usage. This will serve you multi-usage. Select the pressure cookers which come with “with induction bottom” in its description.

The outer lid and Inner lid cookers-There are 2 models, with inner and outer lid covers. Smaller ones come with inner lid models, usually while large ones with outer lid models. When it comes to safety, inner lid models are considered safer than outer lid kinds as inner lid models come with additional locking that holds the additional pressure build-up within.

Warranty– The top branded pressure cookers provide extended warranty in India when a purchase is made. Select a brand with a maximum warranty.

Dishwasher safe– Though dishwashers are not so common in India, they are slowly making their way into some kitchens. Therefore, while purchasing a pressure cooker, it is important to look for its compatibility with the dishwasher, in case you are having a dishwasher or planning to get one at least in your near future. Stainless steel is compatible while hard-anodized is not. Aluminum ones are also compatible. Look for the phrase “dishwasher safe” in the description.

Keeping the above aspects in mind, purchase the best suitable pressure cooker for your cooking and family.